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    Hello! Welcome to wuxi LingYang new energy equipment co., LTD!

    Chiller | Cold storage equipment | Non-standard automation | Water-cooled chiller

    Wuxi Ling Yang New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is the national business registration, registration tax department, technical supervision department as advanced enterprises. Is a cold storage, chiller design, sales, installation, maintenance as one of professional technology services company, is committed to provide customers with the best application design, the best quality-related products, the most complete installation and after-sales service system integrated solutions, dedication to customers stable and reliable product engineering.

    Wuxi Ling Yang New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a refrigeration equipment, refrigeration engineering, installation, technical services for an integrated enterprise. Since its inception, the Innovation and change, continue to develop, to grow, to become the world's quality refrigeration equipment and accessories manufacturer in China's professional agent sales company.

    The main products are: wholesale foreign and domestic compressors and spare parts; production of various types of outdoor units and complete silence chiller; cold storage body, the unit, installation and commissioning of train services; joint venture production condensers, evaporators, Italy Kang Datuo chillers, Fuji ho compressor, Levin Beverly compressors, compressor Bitzer, Maneurop compressor, Taikang Danfoss compressors and accessories and so on.

    In the company of "quality first, credit first" purpose and dedication to provide users with high-quality products and excellent service, with the majority of users work together to create brilliant tomorrow refrigeration industry.


      In accordance with the requirements for cold storage technology and customer requirements best choice of materials, parts and match.


      We will be the required materials, equipment shipped to the site and installation and debugging qualified after consign is used.


      During the period of construction, abide by your rules and regulations, safety, civilization construction codes, delivery on schedule.


      New product (compressor, cold storage, warranty of one year). Warranty period, because of quality problems, maintenance free, only accept parts end of the warranty, cost of raw materials.


      Maintenance personnel buy to keep all day, 12 hours after receiving report calls domestic reach (the city 3 hours (except for special cases)

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    Tel:0510-85427236 Fax:0510-88275499 E-mail:yjianxin@163.com

    Technical support:Hangzhou SIXI

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